Our Modus Operandi

We create, curate and deliver a truly rich, ethereal, and magical moment for our client's special day. As a company, our aim is to assist in offering you only the best, to make your day memorable. We understand our client's ideas, their objectives and special needs, then we create mood boards to convert these thoughts into sketches and perspectives. Once the client approves, we go on personalize the experience by producing the perfect wedding, thus converting wishes into a reality.

We have a panel of experts to handle each aspect of a Wedding, Social event, Corporate events. From Decor styling, Floral design, Hospitality management, Entertainers, Entertainment management, Ambient light designing, Bespoke Culinary services, Selecting appropriate Venues & Locations and much more.

We work with a specialized panel of experts, each from their individual domain within the Events, Entertainment and Wedding industry. They are equally passionate about what they do. Basis the client's requirements we handpick, tailor-make and customize a dream team. The collective passion and expertise of these people and the experience of innumerable past events fuels our dream team to do something new, to translate each wedding or event into something that's truly unique & unforgettable.

Sound Of Music , is one of India's first companies to organize and shape the Wedding Industry, established in 1994.

Who We Are :

Meher Sarid is a veteran Wedding Stylist, she is India's first wedding planner, and has been recognized by the Government of India for being the changing face of the Wedding Industry.

She has domain expertise of over 27 years, which includes Wedding Design, Wedding Planning, Event Management, Corporate Affairs, Branding & PR, Filming and Hospitality. She began the trend for international destination weddings as early as 1998.

Being a Trend setter, for Meher, it has always about creating that magical moment, which lasts eternally. It’s all about creating a buzz around the time, when two families take the first step to come together, the bride and groom join hands for eternity. A reason so celebrated, which will be cherished for all the right reasons, for times to come.

She strives to deliver a flawless experience, where the Bride, the Groom, their Families have all the time to enjoy the wedding rather than worry about the nitty gritty of the event and its management.

She has won accolades, awards, and is humbled by the appreciation that she has gained from her peers, clients and workers alike.

Sound of Music, established in 1994, was the brainchild of DJ Sunny Sarid, to provide entertainment solutions for Events, both Social and Corporate, for Night Clubs, and Theaters. Later Meher Sarid, decided to use the same Banner to set up Wedding Art - a Themes & Concepts Division that managed Wedding Decor, Event Management, Themes, Gift Packing, and such Affiliated services under one roof. This went on to become one of India’s first companies to organize and shape the Wedding Industry.

Rhea Malvai, a design and communications professional with 11 years of experience in public relations, promotions, event management, wedding planning, jewellery design and event production.

Having exposure of corporate events, marketing communications and public relations, and having worked in dynamic environments, she has gained exposure to various situations that need a lot of quick thinking & problem solving in a short turn-around time.

Rhea has accompanied Meher to wedding production sites, since she was 13 years old, and has learnt over the last 20 years to manage production, design, wedding coordination & on ground implementation, for large scale events, quite easily. Rhea, a student of fine arts, jewellery design, has quite naturally adopted the wedding industry with a flair.

She is an integral part and an asset to the glitzy team "Meher Sarid"

Personally, she looks forward to exploring every opportunity that are interesting, challenging and help her learn and grow.

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